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You have no idea how much this hits home with me, or maybe you do because of how well it got a reaction from it. I agree with RealFaction, I would love to see what else goes on in these characters lives and I really like the way you expressed awkward tension. Seriously though, really diggin' your style and I hope to see more from you in the future

Those hexagonal flapping things reminded me of octopi and birds. Odd note aside, I thought this was beautiful, really great work.

Wow, just wow. The visuals, texture maybe, the animation... I feel like everythings improved in what feels like a short amount of time, things really are getting interesting.

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

I probably learned more while producing EP 005.03 than I learned while doing episodes 1-5.2 combined. Part of that improvement is thanks to Larry Shultz who sadly passed away shortly after he taught me a lot of what he knew about 3d animation.

That, and i've got some very talented folks who have been extremely generous to lend me a hand with some of the work required to get this stuff made. Sure was nice having someone who actually knew what they were doing as far as sound mixing and music goes :) .

You may also notice the sound effects are far more abundant; I finally purchased a better audio editing program and am no longer limited in what I can do. Audacity just doesn't cut it for serious production work; I have to make a lot of the SFX you hear (a lot of times its faster to create the sounds than it is to find free SFX online).

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This is great, and with such a nice upbeat feeling. And that voice reminds me of PuppyCat.

steampianist responds:

Yey puppycat

Have you ever heard of the game "White Knight Chronicles", your song reminds me of the power and movement behind the soundtrack from that game.

Step responds:

I've never heard of that game but I checked out its theme song on YouTube and it's pretty awesome stuff!

Glad you liked the track man.

Wow, this actually works really well as a loop but I'm sure that was your intention

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I'm guessing you must have been pretty happy when you found out about Pikmin 3

Woofish reminds me a bit of the Gen 1 Pokemon.

I think the past version of Ice King was actually shown in an older episode too

thdark responds:

I'm aware, but he didn't look quite like he did in "I remember you".

I'm just an amateur sketchist lookin' for inspiration

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